A few words about my efforts to avoid exposure to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As you can imagine, I too have been carefully watching the news regarding the Coronavirus scare.

As you can also imagine, much of my job may become affected by companies choosing to go on mandatory quarantines.  If your business is one of those companies, please let me know – business must continue as close to normal as possible, and your I/T needs aren’t likely to change much despite new policies.

If your business goes on limited shifts or quarantines and it is not possible for me to enter your business during normal business hours, we will come up with an individual plan for you that suits your needs.

If at any time any of you have an employee that is exposed or infected with the virus, please let me know.  I am taking necessary precautions to not contract the virus myself, as well as limit my onsite exposure. Extra care on your parts will ensure I do not pick up and transmit the virus.  I spend a great deal of time touching keyboards and mice, and I would be a prime suspect in a Coronavirus spread.

One last statement regarding safety and policies – if you or your employees would like to be able to work safely from home, securely via VPN or other secure remote access, please schedule a service call or remote session with me ASAP.

Thank you,

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