A few words about my efforts to stop the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated:  1/1/2021

Effective immediately, all in-person or on-site service calls are suspended with exception only to emergencies.  Such emergencies will be evaluated and considered on an individual basis, and a decision of how to proceed will be determined that fits the safety guidelines established by our country’s health experts and it’s authorities.

Office visits for repair drop-offs will be limited to only curbside (parking lot) exchanges.  All in-person visits in-office are strictly prohibited until further notice and no future appointments will be scheduled at this time.

Remote services and consulting will continue as scheduled.

Collaboration with another I/T professional is an option, as long as that individual or organization also adheres to safety guidelines.

It would be helpful to elect an individual at your office who is capable of connecting and disconnecting equipment and following instructions.  I work well with your staff members and will be respectful of your time and do my best to prevent additional payroll expenses.  Together, we will also reduce downtime due to unnecessary exposure.

You are encouraged to be safe and to follow the directions of your local city, county, state, federal, and global health experts.

Thank you all for doing what is being asked of you to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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