Home and business networking. Wired, wireless, and cellular.

Adding a laptop at home and want to go wireless? Is your small business growing and you need to add computers? Being told you need a server? Need reliable signal throughout your home and across your property?  Tired of renting that modem from your internet provider?  Want full control over who is using your wifi, and when they can?

Whatever your networking frustrations are, I can help. Configuring routers and switches can be intimidating, and the wrong settings could expose your network to intruders.  Be safe and have a professional like me set up your firewall to keep the criminals out of your data.  You’ll feel more secure after we go through my checklist.

I rely on your low-voltage certified electrician or home automation custom integrator to physically run the wires for your network. If you don’t have one, I can recommend a professional. After the cables are in place, I can terminate the ends, punch down your patch panel, install your modem, router, switches, secure access points, and configure your workstations and servers.  Networks that I support connect computers and portable devices to audio/video systems, environmental controls and thermostats, surveillance systems, and so much more.